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£7 per person includes a beautifully-logo'd free F-R-O-S-T-E-D beer glass, full of your choice of Fine Ale (or Pimms of equivalent price), and gives you access to a great range of local beers with a choice of wines, ciders and non-alcoholic drinks too. Not to mention all the bands that will be playing over the course of the Friday and Saturday!  Uh, OK looks like we did mention it.


Beer costs £3 per pint or £1.50 per half pint. Coz that's half of £3, right? Pimms is the same, Wine is £2 a large glass, and Prosecco is £2.50 a glass. Softy drinksies are between 50p and £1. Is that all OK?

We don't sell coffee, custard or diesel, so don't ask.


No additional entry charges for beards or slightly ironic T shirts




Tasty and healthy(ish!) food is served inside. Similar price to the beer. Do you get the impression someone wanted the Beer Fest to be a fun night out at a sensible price? Kinda working too!

Pork products of various kinds on Friday, plus the addition of .... Pulled pork rolls (with Anne Wallace's accessorizing) on the Saturday.




Doors open at 7pm, and close at 11:00pm

Music starts at 7pm  (see The Bands page)...some chilled, some Dance-Dance-Dancey from Revive Band



Doors open at 3pm and close at 11.30pm

Music starts at 3pm in the garden, with some alt-Jazz on stage

Then, later on, full-on dance n groove music with The Clives




No good looking down here! Its at the TOP of the page ....




By car

There is a small but perfectly formed car park (no charge) outside the Community Hall but if you bring a car please also bring a nominated driver or plan to get a taxi. Stick SO21 1UU in the sat nav for St Vigor Way.


By bus - on the Friday night

Regular 69 buses go from Winchester Bus Station or Jewry Street to Colden Common New Road. Last one leaves Winch at 6:50 / 6:56pm.

Or get the E1 from Eastleigh bus station at 6:20pm.

Saturday .... we're stuffed. Rural Transport, eh?


By plane

Southampton airport is only a few minutes away by taxi. No really, we don't joke! We had a great bunch of people from Germany come to visit the Beer Fest a couple of years ago... and Portsmouth is further than you think, after a few beers anyway

By bike

Welcome to the Eastleigh Boyz and their hazardous journey home each year - provided they can work out how their bike locks work, that is...

  Friday night 13 Sep 7-11:00pm  

Sat afternoon 14 Sep  3 - 11:30pm  

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