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  About Colden Common Beer Fest  


We don't do it for the money. But you knew that 'coz you've already seen how cheap the entry price is, and how cheap the beer is. Come on! £3 a pint for really great local beers!.


All the staff at the Beer Fest are there unpaid. Please be nice to them. Of course, be especially nice to anyone wearing a blue T shirt that says S.O.D. on it as they are the Revered Village Elders and worthy of respect (plus they're pouring the beer...) Also covered in this category of 'elders' are them's as are on the front desk - but you can tell that just by lookin at em...

OK. So then - why do we do it? Well, we've been doing it for a few years now. It started as simply a great way of bringing people together and ... has kept on doing just that! Because it's popular, laid back and there are plenty of great beers to try.


Oh yeah. The beers. Somehow it seems we have some great brewers and breweries in our end of Hampshire. The most common excuse is that the naturally sourced water from underground is particularly well suited to brewing beer. And there are plenty of local ales and breweries that have won awards so maybe it's true.


Our Cider supplier, Meon Valley Cider under Nigel Johnson, has recently been awarded Best Cider in Southern England for his Dragonfly. So check that out for a start!


We are certainly very pleased to be able to showcase such a great range of local boutique ales. And we have put SERIOUS effort into sampling, tasting and choosing some particularly fine examples this year. SERIOUS effort.


So what else? Well we've wanted to keep the music excellent, so there'll be a full performance stage at the Fest, with local bands Revive Band, The Clives, The Leon Chatterton band, and more.

Plus Marvin Naylor (Winchester busker par excellence) in the Garden out back throughout Saturday afternoon.

Plus FOOD, of course. All home-made, all as cheap as we can sell it for while covering costs. Burgers, hot-dogs, sausage rolls etc on the Friday night, Pulled Pork rolls all through Saturday afternoon, and burgers and hot dogs and similar through the evening too.

Veggie options at all times, or bring your own veggie and we'll oven it up, natch.

So come. Bring friends. We organise the beer, the food and the music. You bring yer dosh and get to enjoy the Fine Village Vibe. Neat Arrangement, huh?


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