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It's All About The Beer!

We will be serving a wide range of local beers, many new.....


Last year we offered 24 different beers - the most distant being from Farnham ('cos Hog's Back are so cute). We mostly carried pins (half firkins) - and sold out of 8 of them!

CrackleRock are now Legendary, as is SteamTown. We'll have a different selection of their beers again this year - but PLEE-EASE make sure you ask for a Crafty Shag, and try to pronounce Pommy Blonde in an amusing way...

We're selling Andwell LAGERS again this year - 'cos we got SO fed up with the question 'which of your ales tastes most like Lager, please?' They have a NEW NEW ALL NEW lager called Mongoose (you know it'll beat a Cobra...!). Chilled, so a massive £2 a half pint...oooh.

We're getting Basey's LongDog ales back after we forgot last year. Ooops. Lamplight Porter has won National level prizes for a dark roast, and their new Red Runner is just F.A.B., Scott (Thunderbirds reference to keep the Over-50s interested)

Then there are Old faves like Saxon Bronze and the Red Rye beers (so - what colour are those then, please, Miss?). Some things you remember with a sigh, read a 10/10 score on your manky old Tasting Notes, then taste them again and realise they really WERE a 10/10! We have some 10s again this year - and my pussnal fave Meon Valley from Bowman's. Oh no, change that to Captain B, surely. Oh no, what about a Crafty Shag?


So - lots to swig, sip or steal from your mate while he/she is looking at something you've pointed out just behind them ...

No pressured lines. No pipes to clean. Just great beer straight out of the barrel straight into your fancy funky glass. Plus a genius range of Sticky Numerals so you can tell your own glass from your skanky mate's glass.


But when the beer is drunk, it's drunk. Cask is empty, it's e-m-p-t-y.

Hey, don't panic, there's lots more to choose from. So if you're worried that some of the most popular might go early, well then, just come on the Friday night. Revive Band will thank you too - long as you DANCE!


We also have Pimms, a good selection of wines (c'e di Prosecco, signora? Certo!), three great ciders from Meon Valley Cider Co (including a really interesting 'Oaked')  - and non-alcoholic drinks, of course.




Not Yet.... the full List of Beers ?... September issue ...

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